Meet Nelson.

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Hi, My name is Yu-Chen Tsao, or just call me Nelson.

I am a passionate and resourceful designer who has experience across different industries.


Architecture has always been my passion, especially when it comes to residential design.

I truly believe that, a well-designed house is more than just being pretty; it also creates interactivity and bond the family together.


While pursuing my believing in architecture, I’ve gained a huge interest in visualisation with real-time rendering.

Twinmotion is the software that I use most for my projects with confidence. I am also actively practicing rendering with Enscape.


Thanks to my lovely partner, coffee plays a huge part of my life after moving to Western Australia.

2022 April, we started our little shop – hop.

Our goal is to provide a platform for people to explore all kinds of coffee from all the amazing local roasters.

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© 2022 rabbit52068