Where should I start? If you ask me what I love to do the most, the answer is going to be a vague one: Design.

You know, that could be anything like architecture, interior design, graphic design, websites, and the list goes on and on. I guess no matter what I am doing, the goal is to simply make the outcome nice and pretty.

I started making my own website back in junior high around the 2000s and still make websites now and then, either for clients or myself. After I got into studying Architecture, fascinated by the complexity created by the interaction between people, light, shadow, and space, I realised this is what I wanted to do from now on. 

In 2014, my partner and I travelled to Australia from Taiwan. It did not take us long to fall in love with the people and the land. Today, I am a Perth-based architectural designer telling stories with spaces, graphics, and coffee.



2009 - 2011

Varies work experience as freelancer outside of study including, but not limited to, Wed Design, Flash Animation and Graphic Design.

Tohng-Chii Enterprise Co., Ltd.

2010 - 2011


Parking area planning, Product modeling, Website maintenance and Graphic Design

Bachelor of Architecture

2012 July

Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

Military service

2012 August - 2013 June

Architectural Draftsman

Bathroom plans for refurbishing.

Jthsu Architects

2013 June - 2013 November

Architectural Draftsman / Taiwan

Condominium design with drafting. Worked on the project independently.

Western Select Products

2014 Mar - Sept, 2015 Mar - Sept


Started as casual worker in paint shop and promoted to the office later on and trained as a cabinet draftsman in kitchen design.

Event Competition

2014 November - 2015 January

3D Artist / Taiwan

Team competition for Government Festival event. In charge of 3D modeling and animation.

Ringma Cabinets

2015 September - 2021 August

Kitchen Designer

Help the clients to achieve the best kitchen that suit their needs including, but not limited to, colour selection, hardware and planning.

Clients including, Summit Homes Group, Highbury Homes, Westcoast Residential, K5B Developments etc.

Cert IV Residential Design

2021 December

North Metro TAFE

Revit essential

2022 November

North Metro TAFE

5 Weeks Short Course

Hop Cafe

2022 Feb - 2022 Current

Co-Owner / Designer

Specialty Coffee Shop

AMG Interiors

2022 Dec - 2022 Current



Along my journey as a designer and also being an autodidact, I’ve picked up several skills, whether they were essential or simply that I was interested in.


People only presents the good part when introducing themselves to impress the others. Now, I am also going to list my flaws. Because, why not?

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© 2022 rabbit52068